What do you want from Minerva?

A. I want a job.

B. I want to sell you something.

C. I want awesome branding and UX/UI.

D. I want to say hello.


We're not hiring.

Giving up already? C’mon.

Send us something impressive.
No shitty designs.
Obviously no Word docs.

Not interested.

Spammers go away.
The world would be better without you.

If you’re a real human and have a legit product,
you know how to contact us.

No bullshit.
No RFPs.

We create real brands and user experiences for select companies.

We dont work with everyone. Seriously, we’re really picky.

Still here? Let’s talk.


Minerva Design is located in Rochester, New York

Our phone number is 585.442.8800
Our email is hey@.