about minerva

Minerva is a creative brand and digital design studio based in Rochester. We consult, we design, and we develop, all in-house. We call ourselves a studio and not an agency. What’s the difference? We’re smaller, more efficient and more effective.



We love solving problems in two integrated areas: design and development.

In our twenty years as a company we have seen changes in culture, technology and generations but our commitment to clean, organized and systematic design has made our work timeless and effective across any medium.

Good design can entice someone to read a company brochure because of excellent typography or can encourage an online shopper to click a Buy Now button because of a clear visual hierarchy. Design matters.


Design strategy
Brand identity and logos
Corporate communications
Brochures & sales materials
Traditional print advertising
Digital display ads
Website design
App design & concepting
User experience design
User interface design

Our programming solutions are custom tailored to each client’s unique needs and are a delicate balance of functionality, usability, integration, user experience and budget.

Whether you want to build a simple B2B website, track complex e-commerce analytics or integrate an enterprise system database into a digital solution, we can develop it. Our team is the best combination of technical intelligence and user-focused thinking.


Technical strategy & consulting
Front end web development
Back end database development
Enterprise systems integration
Content management systems
E-Commerce solutions
iOS/Droid App development
SEO & analytics tools integration
Email marketing
Digital rapid prototying